Letting Go of Weak Relationships

Medea (Tyler Perry) shares some awesome relationship advice. Explains the difference between good and fly by night relationships. Take a listen.


Flirt and Have Fun

couplesflirtingwoman-cooking-meal-for-date-nightflirting is a way of getting someones attention that you’ve become attracted to for the first time, or a person who has been in your life for a long time.

For some, flirting is easy, comes natural to them, they’ll flirt if not interested in anything more than a connection with just a friend, this type of flirting could be as innocent as a smile and a compliment, a form of an act of kindness.  Be careful as to not confuse their kindness as an actual attraction to you. The difference is obvious when the person takes the compliments a bit further, for instance, they may smile and say to you, “what a great smile you have” or “saying wow you have sexy blues” , “I could get lost in your baby blues”.  these are definite flirts of attraction.

There is a difference between flirting and seducing.  Flirting is more of a subtle innocent way of showing a person you are interested, it’s an innocent playful tease.  Seduction is more of a sexual intent, deliberately leading and knowing if you accept, the outcome will be a sexually physical connection.  Depending on how long you have been dating or if you are in a relationship, you can combine flirting and seduction, making for an exciting experience.

If you are a shy person and have a hard time bringing yourself to flirt, then start out slowly, try smiling at a man/woman who is your friend, mentioning how you like the color of his/her shirt/top, and how good it looks.  When you feel comfortable with these types of innocent flirts then take it up a notch to a man/woman you are interested in by smiling and “saying, I love the color green on you, compliments your great assets”, and if you are really brave add a wink.  There are many ways you can get someones attention, for instance reach across someone as you excuse yourself to retrieve a condiment for your sandwich or a napkin, allowing your hand/arm to touch up against the person of interest as you turn your head, to give a quick gaze into their eyes with an added smile.

Come up with some of your own, practice with your friends, just remember to not confuse flirting with seduction.

Have fun with it and don’t take it to seriously.

Marriage Is Sacred

marriage handst1larg.marriageLearn how to change your love life from ordinary to amazing in your marriage with, confidence, positive thinking and good communications skills.

Attracting intimacy in a marriage is a sacred union between two people who have come together from a result of realizing how much they love one another and want to be together as a life couple.  Both partners need to take on all the responsibilities of building a deep committed relationship out of compassion, compromise, loyalty, devotion, respect, appreciation and trust.

Deciding to marry and begin a life together takes a mature decision for both partners.  In the beginning, it is the honeymoon stage and a critical one, you may over look behaviors, that may affect your feelings later on after the honeymoon is over. Take a look at the big picture but don’t sweat the small stuff, like for instance if he leaves his boxers on the floor or she hangs her bra’s on the door handles.

Do pay attention to actions of disrespect and/or anger issues; never stay in an abusive marriage, in some cases this doesn’t show up until the abuser has total control over their partner. This is why it is so important to learn all you can about your partner before you choose to marry.

Hopefully you have learned excellent communication skills with each other and this will determine if you will continue to grow as a couple and individuals.  As they say, learn to fight fair and remember you both love each other and no one sets out to hurt their partner.  When you feel hurt from an action or words spoken by your partner, stop before jumping to conclusions that they are doing this deliberately.  Communicate to your partner what you are feeling with compassion, never attack them, this will fuse the fire before it ignites into a full-blown argument filled with drama, these actions will only hurt your relationship.

Always interact physically, keep the passion hot bringing new variety to your love-making.  Continue to date each other throughout your relationship, remind each other from time to time why you fell in love with him/her.  Make time for each other intimately. Don’t always be so serious, be flirty and always aim to continue to have fun.  Staying in love, takes both participating and supporting each other through out the relationship.

Humans are not perfect so life is not either, the closest we will come to perfection is maintaining a balance.  Best friends and lovers will balance the couple

Improving your love life, confidence, positive thinking and attract intimacy while putting the relationship and each other first will bring balance and contentment.

Make Love Like It May Be Your Last

Love-lovers-23160062-732-947War is being waged on Europe the USA and all our allies.  Radical Islamic Terrorists have attacked Paris and Mali killing 100’s of people. Video’s being released from the Terrorist daily with threats of coming attacks to hit Paris again, Italy, Russia and the USA which includes NY times square and Washington DC and the White House.

Political Correctness is taking over common sense, racialism is on the up rise causing much stress and anger through out this country.

At times of uncertainty we need to put aside who didn’t take the garbage out, who left their socks on the floor, who didn’t put the top back on the tooth paste, who didn’t put the toilet paper on the holder the right direction etc…

Instead of nit-picking at each other why not remember what it was like when you first met, how much fun you had together.  Put aside the silly stuff and hold each other.  Don’t just say the words I love you, feel the words, feel your passion.

We don’t know what may happen in the coming days, weeks or months.  When it’s all said and done Love is all that matters.  If your angry and being stubborn, let it go.  Hold hands, dance with your bodies pressed close under a candle lit room, make love like it may be your last.  Don’t waste another moment without loving your Partner.

Lets Talk Sex Plus The Emotional Connection

Let’s talk about Sex, one of the most sought after pleasures on this planet. People are doing it right now all over the world as I’m writing this.

Orgasms are good for us,  releasing all kinds of good mood chemicals in our brain, which can benefit our health. But, lets face it…Sex also has a negative side, and if not mature enough or mentally ready, can cause jealousy, addiction, emotional pain and in some cases physical pain, STD’s, if serious enough can kill.

I am a advocate on Couples and monogamous relationships, but this takes maturity. Many couples today get married or commit to living together with out knowing what it really takes to stay in love. Falling in love is easy but staying in love takes courage, trust, respect and commitment. Its also important to Give each other acceptance, appreciation and patience.  These are qualities that are most likely taught to us from our up bringing or great mentors that have come into our lives. The chemistry and sex will fade and only become a means of release without all the qualities of the emotional connection.

Good Quality Healthy relationships have great Awesome Sex when the couples put their relationship and each other first, this takes maturity and may I add has nothing to do with age, (of course unless you are a teenager/child like) but has everything to do with what a person has learned about themselves, experiencing life and learning its many lessons while keeping an open mind. This leads to attracting the best match for a union of the mind, the body and some mind blowing SEX.


Men Fight Wars For Lust But Make Homes For Love

bustiernroses Men fight wars over Lust, but they make homes and families for Love, combine the both and it is a relationship made in heaven!

If there is no Lust in the beginning to attract the man then most likely their will be no True Love. The Chemistry is a must!!! A long-term relationship takes ongoing plans, to always find ways to keep the romance alive!

Women need to stay in touch with their sensual/ sexual side and Men need to stay in touch with their romantic side, together it is satisfying to both sexes! Most of all communication is vital!

Lingerie is just one way to bring lust and love into your pleasurable playtime, share your fantasies with each other, surprise your mate with his or her fantasy. Role play by using your imagination and dressing up in what reflects their sensual story.

Keeping Passion Alive With Imagination

sensual lover

Get in touch with you’re inner sensuality, have passion for life.  Close your eyes and feel the breeze as it moves across your face.

Listen to the birds as they sing natures love songs, listen to the sweet whispers of your partners voice. Take in everything around you.  Let all of life give you feelings of pleasure.

Sharing the sweet passionate moments with your partner and enjoying all their awesome qualities, allows their flaws to stay in the back ground.

Concentrate on sharing sensual/sexual moments in every area of your lives, their is nothing more satisfying than making love to each other, flirting and playing all the time, couples who play together will stay together.   Don’t lose that special connection, make time for each other regularly.

The sensual excitement of the tease is amazing! Play in the kitchen, flirt with you’re lover from across a crowded room.

Share each others fantasies. Role play your fantasies with each other. Make your lovemaking full of imagination.

Always give over and over again to each other.  This is the foundation of an amazing Passionate Love!



Poll; What Would You Prefer Sex Or Cuddling

couplesintimacyThe Washington Post did a phone poll asking both sexes which they would prefer, sex or cuddling?

More than half of women–and some 40 percent of men — in the metropolitan area would be willing to trade “the act” for cuddling and tender treatment, according to a Washington Post public opinion poll of their views on sex.  Read more.

Sex and cuddling would be the perfect balance, releasing all the good feel hormones to the brain.

First Stage; lust, releasing Testosterone and Estrogen.

The male is made up of much more testosterone than the female and has very little estrogen. This is reversed for the female, much more estrogen and very little testosterone.

Second Stage; the attraction, releasing Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin. this is when you feel that amazing feeling, can’t get enough of each other, combination of lust and infatuation.

Adrenaline and cortisol raises the blood levels causing the hands to sweat and the heart to race, causing high excitement from the mere sight of this person.

Dopamine; a neurotransmitter of desire and passion, triggering intense rush feelings of pleasure much like that of cocaine.

Serotonin; the chemical of falling in love, you keeping thinking of your lover, thoughts continue popping into your mind.

Third Stage; the bonding, Oxytocin and Vaspressin.

Powerful hormone released during orgasm, the more sex the couple participate in the more deeper the emotional bond.

When a mother gives child birth this hormone is released giving her a strong bond to her new born and it also releases milk to the breasts when ever she feels the connection to her child and when the child makes a sound or mom has sight of her baby.

Oxytocin injected into rats that never had sex, become connected to another female’s young and blocking oxytocin to the female mother causes rejection of her babies.

Vasopressin hormone; released after sex causes commitment for the long term. Scientists researched the prairie vole because of their over indulgence in sex than is necessary for reproduction. Like humans they form a long term commitment as a pair.

When the prairie vole was given an injection to block vasopressin the bond with the female ceased and the male lost interest in devotion and to protect the female from other male suitors.

Depending on the individual person’s perception of sex vs cuddling will determine what is most important to them, for this reason couples should communicate so as to choose partners that balance up with what is most important other wise the unbalance will cause much damage to the relationship and each other.

The research that scientists have founded about falling in love and choosing your partners, that makes for a successful loving relationship seems to be having lots of sex and cuddling, a balance to keeping a close emotional bond.





The Truth About Marriage // What I’ve learned after one year.

Ordinary Adventures

Dear lovely readers,

Today is a special day for me. Today marks the day I made the most important, beautiful, and challenging decision of my life.

I got married.

Our love story is a long, complicated, wonderful tale that would take far too long to get into now. But after over four years of dating, Drew asked me to be his wife. It was a long time coming and I had no doubt that this was the way my life was supposed to go and was the right decision. Seven months after that, just days shy of my nineteenth birthday and weeks shy of our fifth anniversary, we vowed ourselves to each.

I usually prefer to say something witty like “we said I do” but for the purpose of this post and seriousness, I made a very candid decision to say ‘vowed’. Because, that is what we did and I’m still learning the…

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Sharing Intimacy With Role Play Fantasies

role-playing-sex-300When sharing your fantasies, it reaches deep feelings of Intimacy.  Role playing with each other is a great way of feeling close to one another while releasing the chemical hormones, oxytocin and dopamine.

Your imagination is limitless, exchange with each other sexual fantasies that you may both enjoy acting out.  Dress up for and with each other, doctor, nurse,  super hero’s or maybe you would like to dress up in lingerie, become a mistress in black for the evening,

Dress up in formal attire, ladies look and feel sophisticated by dressing in an evening gown with long gloves, while your man rents a tux, and go out to a fancy restaurant or stay home, place an order from a fancy eatery to pick up or be delivered, set a fancy dinner table while adding an atmosphere of candle light and music.  After dinner and dancing strip slowly for each other, come out of your fancy formal wear.

Maybe you would like to make out in a parking lot or pretend not to know each other when you meet up at an event or place of choice.  What ever your fantasy, share with each other, you will feel the strong emotional connection, keeping your intimacy close.


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